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Digitization in manufacturing companies

Digital Strategy - Innovation - Transformation

Industry 4.0  -   Digital Business Models & Services   -  B2B Platform Economy

Rapid progress through digitalisation and technological leaps, Disintegration and new emergence of business models and ecosystems, global upheavals due to international economic policy and the Corona crisis: 

Now is the right time for digitization.

Many manufacturing companies have started digitization in recent years.


Some of them

  • focused on innovation topics such as digital products or business models, or

  • trained employees in digital technologies and working methods.


Others have started

  • to optimize internal operating processes, e.g. in production and logistics

  • or digitize sales processes and customer interactions.


But they all face similar challenges:


Strategy and Innovation


  • The activities, which are often started in an exploratory way, are fragmented and too little interlinked.

  • Corporate and digital strategies are defined incompletely or do not fit together.

  • Financial results fall far short of expectations. 

  • Existing products and new value propositions appear to be incompatible or in competition with each other.


Competencies, Working Methods, Structure

  • Internal digital competence, ability to judge and available resources are bottlenecks.

  • Different languages, working methods and development speeds between the IT and OT world cause confusion, misunderstandings and conflicts.

  • Established processes and organisational structures no longer fit.


Culture, Change Management, Cooperation


  • The change within the company lacks speed because resistance within the company's own ranks slows down the progress.

  • The cooperation between existing business and innovation topics fails due to cultural or functional barriers.

  • The possibilities for external cooperation are enormous, but the selection and implementation turns out to be difficult.

If you aim to 
  • Assess the ongoing activities?

  • Develop and implement an integrated digital strategy?

  • Sort and clear out the portfolio?

  • Ensure more effective collaboration, internally and externally? 

  • Implement the necessary changes? 

  • Build up internal competencies?

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